Top Best International Fine Art and Antique Fairs 

Art as a form of expression has not only taken a dynamic dimension, it has also been a money spinning industry. With tourism now playing a vital role in driving economies globally, art has now combined well to give tourists, travelers and visitors more reasons to embark on that exciting trip on the bucket list.

this is a picture of the Top Best International Fine Art and Antique Fairs 

The combination and expansion of the two industries have ensured that year in year out, art fairs around the globe improve and serve their visitors the best there is. Art fairs are not only a convergence of exhibitors and collectors; it is now a meeting point for enthusiasts, critics and a platform for career advancement.

This article will shed light on top best international fine art and antique fairs that we have around.

Art Basel, 1970

For 47 years, the Art Basel in Switzerland has served hundreds of thousands of visitors. The art fair, one of the most prestigious in Europe and the world, was started in 1970 and runs for 5 days in the month of June, every year. Art Basel is considered one of the most expensive.

Foire De Chateau, France

A bi-annual art fair in France caters for about 35, 000 visitors and more than 600 art exhibitors. The Foire De Chateau opens in March and October every year has a defining feature of permanent exhibitors’ booths. It is also regarded as one the longest exhibition of arts available with a record 12 days of exhibiting antiques.

Arco, Madrid, Spain

The Arco art fair in Madrid is not like your everyday art fair. It comes with special exhibitions and lectures around the arts. It is not only one of the most prestigious art fairs around, it is indeed a crowd puller in Europe. Visitors travel far and wide yearly to be a part of this legacy which started in 1985.

Indian Art Fair

From its inception in 2008, the Indian Art Fair has proven to be a darling for art lovers. The fair continues to attract more exhibitors and visitors from across the world every January. It is indeed a game changer as it draws more collectors from the west as a contemporary museum.

Scope Art Show

With art fair in 5 different locations scattered around America and Europe, Scope is in a class of its own. Scope Art Fairs parade the largest numbers of exhibitors, musicians, policy makers and other stakeholders in the art industry.  The scope also runs a foundation which caters for budding art workers through the provision of grants.

scope art showing Top Best International Fine Art and Antique Fairs 

TEFAF Maastricht, the Netherlands

The premier art event in The Netherlands is an annual 10-day event. The TEFAF, The European Fine Art Foundation, founded in 1988, is one of the world’s art fairs museum with a large number of visitors. It hosts 75,000 visitors and exhibitors from more than 20 countries.

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